Free trade agreement: Timetable for 2016

In its report on foreign economic policy in 2015, the Swiss Federal Council also gives a forecast for 2016 – for example, what the plan is for the free trade agreements.

Switzerland wants to continue its ties with the already tight network of free trade agreements in 2016. In the EFTA alliance, agreements are planned amongst others with Georgia, Malaysia, the Philippines and in the best case scenario with Vietnam.

Together with EFTA, negotiations relating to free trade agreements with the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union, Algeria, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Honduras (as an extension to the already existing free trade agreement with the Central American states of Panama and Costa Rica) are to be continued (and whenever possible quickly brought to a conclusion).

A further development of the current 1992 free trade agreement with Turkey is planned. In addition, negotiations with Canada and Mexico are to begin regarding modernizing the 2009 and 2001 free trade agreements respectively.

As part of EFTA, a continuation of trade dialogue with the US is also on the agenda. This will primarily involve possible strategies to avoid or minimize any negative effects of the planned TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) free trade agreement between the EU and the US on the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.

The focus of the current report on Swiss foreign economic policy is an assessment by the Swiss Federal Council which is intended to demonstrate how it plans to optimize the framework conditions for the Swiss economic players in the coming year.

Amongst others, European economic integration and further liberalization of world trade at WTO level as well as multilateral (EFTA) or bilateral free trade agreements play a key role in this.

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