Freezyboy solves compost problems

Avantyard, a start-up from Root, Canton Lucerne, is now offering a fascinating new product for sale: biological waste is frozen.

FreezyBoy freezes compost to 5°C below zero.
FreezyBoy freezes compost to 5°C below zero.

An environmental lifestyle also includes sorting green waste. To freeze waste to 5°C below zero, a Freezyboy requires electricity. However, the cooling system built into the Freezyboy by Avantyard, Canton Lucerne, only uses about one percent of a household’s annual power consumption. Adequate insulation for the bucket was a challenge, but the ideal solution was found. Alongside the cooling system, a whole series of other difficulties had to be overcome: the right shape and size had to be found for a Freezyboy to fit into as many existing waste systems as possible while still offering greater capacity than current compost buckets.

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