The golden rule for success in exports

"Offer Swiss quality services and rely on global talent"

Sébastien Tondeur is the CEO of MCI, a global events communication agency based in Geneva. The agency has been offering advisory services and strategic event solutions since 1987. You can meet Sébastien Tondeur at “Exporter demain! 2017”, the leading event dedicated to exporters in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Mr. Tondeur will be there to discuss the international expansion of his company.

Photo of Sébastien Tondeur
“Swissness is a universally recognized quality.”

What role does export play in your strategy? What golden rules should SMEs follow when it comes to exporting?
We are a service company but more than 25% of our revenue in Switzerland is generated abroad. We hope to increase this in the coming years. Our company has two fundamental rules: providing unparalleled quality of service—“Swiss quality”, and leading a global team of talent.

What kind of customer requirements does your company meet? Do you adjust your business model to customer requirements?
We are consultants and specialists in project management of event communications and marketing. As a service company, we charge a fee for the services provided as part of each project. We have two specific target groups of customers: companies and associations. We have teams fully dedicated to meeting the expectations of these two target groups.

Do you have to adjust your business model for different export markets?
Yes, definitely, even if there is a constant base for 80% of our services. We have already canceled one project to export our services due to geopolitical reasons and an adverse ratio in terms of return on investment.

What role does being located in Switzerland play for you as a company?
It plays a central role and forms part of our core values: quality and tolerance. “Swissness” is a value and quality that is very well perceived all over the world. A universally recognized value.

Does your company collaborate with any institutions or partners, either in research or any other areas?
Yes, especially in the area of sustainable development around our core business, which by definition involves creating things that are temporary.

What key issues will your company be focusing on in 2018?
Our focus will be on organic growth in the US and Canadian markets, as well as an event service for ourselves.


“Exporter demain!” at EPFL in Lausanne on September 28, 2017
Innovative business models will be central to the discussions scheduled for “Exporter demain! 2017”.

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About Sébastien Tondeur
Sébastien Tondeur is the CEO of MCI. At the head of an international group which recorded a gross margin of EUR 148 million in 2015, he is responsible for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and the company’s expansion abroad. His goal is to make MCI the preferred partner of any company, association or brand looking to achieve real change and to deploy its full potential.


About MCI
By prioritizing face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences, MCI helps companies and associations to strategically engage and impact their target groups, and to build the dedicated online and offline communities they need in order to strengthen their brands and boost their results. 

MCI is based in Geneva and has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, India, the Middle East and Africa, conducting projects for its customers all over the world.


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