IT security: A Swiss sales argument of the ICT industry

Given all the changes associated with the digital transformation, IT security is becoming an increasingly important criterion for the digitization of business models. The Swiss IT industry is responding to this development and is positioning itself internationally with regard to security.
A row of video surveillance cameras.
Security is important in cyberspace, too.

Political stability makes data storage attractive

Switzerland is an attractive data storage location for international companies. This is due to the clean and independent energy supply, the nation’s political stability and the favorable legal framework. One of the companies capitalizing on these benefits is, for example, Safe Host in Plan-les-Ouates, which was able to win several US clients based on these arguments and which expanded its capacity by 4,000 square meters this year.

However, the Swiss brand is still little known abroad

According to the “Swissness Worldwide” study conducted by the University of St. Gallen (HSG) , Switzerland is not perceived as a leading provider of ICT products in global comparisons, despite ranking highly in terms of innovation and competitiveness. The study also shows that, for example, data storage is very price sensitive. Thus, if data storage in Switzerland were 10% more expensive compared to other countries, the willingness to choose a Swiss provider and pay this higher price would decrease to 30%. Given price parity, 57% of the respondents would prefer Switzerland.

Confidence and reliability are driving Swiss ICT providers forward

Nevertheless, Swiss ICT companies are able to take advantage of certain characteristics typically associated with Switzerland. One such company is Netcetera. With its software solutions, the company supports other companies in the digital transformation of their business. Ranging from personal consultation sessions, which can be performed with digital support, to efficient decision-making based on a well-founded data analysis: Netcetera’s customized solutions for its clients have made the company internationally successful. Punctuality, reliability and precision are among the company’s sales arguments.

Impulse: ICT at the presentation of the Swiss ICT Award

This year, Impulse: ICT will be addressing security as an internationalization product. Companies like Open Systems and Protonmail divulge their personal recipe for success, but also difficulties they have to overcome if they want to gain a foothold in complex sales markets. Register now!


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