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Samuel Werder AG in Veltheim, canton Aargau, invests continuously in new production equipment for precision engineering.
Repetitive jobs are frequently handled by robots. (Generic image)
Repetitive jobs are frequently handled by robots. (Generic image)

Repetitive, high-precision jobs are frequently handled by robots at Werder Precision Engineering, whose production shops have more than 70 modern CNC milling machines and lathes. However, the use of robot technology is not to the detriment of staff, who are deployed to deal with higher-value work. The company is convinced of the advantages of its location in canton Aargau: well-trained staff, excellent infrastructure and sufficient cantonal support.

Werder Precision Engineering is a supplier to the machine manufacturing, medical and high-tech industries and stands out from its competitors by the quality of the parts that cannot be manufactured by everyone. These parts are found in a wide variety of products, from liquid soap dispensers to coffee machines, from cameras and scales to microscopes, from turbochargers to electronically controlled lock cylinders. There can also be special orders, like a knob for an elegant car radio. Parts are manufactured to the specifications of international companies.

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