From manufacturer to service provider, leading to export success

Burkhardt Compression is a global market leader in piston compressors and offers a unique service package designed to reduce their customers' life-cycle costs. The special feature: They provide the service for all compressor systems, no matter the manufacturer.

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Exporting plays an important role for Burckardt Compression.

Marcel Pawlicek, you are a CEO at Burckhardt Compression and will be at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade 2017 "Rethinking business models: The international competitive advantage of the future" where you will be holding an executive talk to discuss your business model.

What role does exporting play in your strategy, currently and in the future?

99.5% of Burckhardt Compression's business and service provision is abroad. Most of our compressor systems are exported, and some are manufactured at our plants in South Korea, India and the USA.

What is your business model?

Burckhardt Compression develops, builds and sells customer-specific piston compressor systems, compressor components and services that help customers to minimize the life-cycle costs of their compressors.

What customer needs does your company meet?

Piston compressors operate for many decades. In order to ensure the highest degree of reliability and efficiency, we provide our customers with support throughout the compressor system's entire life-cycle – irregardless of the manufacturer, and whatever the issue. Our products have the lowest life-cycle costs.

How does your business model orient to these customer needs?

By providing the best quality, which we ensure through an ongoing review process. We follow Swiss quality standards at all of our plants. Our suppliers, e.g. in China, are also required to meet Burckhardt Compression quality standards. They are all evaluated in a strict selection procedure. In the service provision area, our service centers provide proximity to our customers.

Will you have to adjust your business model to the various export markets?

With our new service organization, we have better local positioning, which allows us to respond more quickly and directly to each market and its particular requirements.

What are the effects of digital transformation on the customer's end (e.g. sales platforms)?

The oil and gas industry is a very conservative sector and digitalization is slow to take hold.

What influence does digital transformation have on overall operations, for instance in terms of recruiting, demands on existing personnel or data analysis?

Employees have to be flexible and deal with both digitalization and manual work. Ultimately, we need people who can use both a PC and a wrench.

Tips, discussion material and events about business models in the export industry

Meet Marcel Pawlicek on May 18, 2017 at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade by Switzerland Global Enterprise. In 2017, S-GE is focusing on the issue "Rethinking business models: The international competitive advantage of the future" in order to support, inform and connect Swiss SMEs in regard to current challenges in international business. In our dossier we will be providing new articles, videos and studies on this topic on a regular basis. Sign up for a monthly update in our Export Newsletter (available in German, French and Italian) and reserve a place for May 18, 2017 at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade "Rethinking business models: The international competitive advantage of the future".

About Burckhardt Compression AG

Burckhardt Compression AG is a global leader in the area of piston compressors. It is the only company to offer a complete series of piston compressor technologies. The compressor systems are designed to meet customer-specific needs, and are used for oil and gas production, gas transportation and storage, refinement, chemicals and petrochemicals as well as industrial applications. With leading technologies, high-quality components and a comprehensive service offer, Burckhardt Compression AG supports its customers around the world in minimizing the life-cycle costs of their piston compressor systems. Since 1844, highly qualified employees have been creating top-quality solutions and setting benchmarks for gas compression.

About Marcel Pawlicek

Marcel Pawlicek has been with the Burckhardt Compression Gruppe Schweiz for 35 years, where he began his career in 1979 as an apprentice. In 2011, he became CEO of the company after spending three years as the head of design & manufacturing. Burckhardt Compression AG originated in the Sulzer-Burckhardt machine factory, and now employs around 2,100 people and operates in more than 80 countries.


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