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Member of the month January 2016 - Swissflex – Finest Sleep Technology

Given that we spend around a third of our lives in bed, sound, restorative sleep is essential to our health, wellbeing and ability to function. If you sleep well at night, you will have the energy levels, strength and stamina needed to deal with everyday challenges. But how exactly do we define “good sleep”? The engineering team at long-established Swiss bed manufacturer Swissflex is aware that healthy and relaxing sleep does not come automatically but is the result of a perfectly integrated system.

Based in Flüh, near Basel in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the company is engaged in the development and manufacture of sleep systems, mattresses and slat bases. Swissflex has been manufacturing all its innovative products using the highest-quality fabrics for over 60 years. Over these six decades, thanks to its commitment to ongoing research and development, it has established itself as one of the leading players in the bedding industry in terms of technology. From the outset, its mission has been to create the most effective solutions for individual sleep comfort based on the latest scientific sleep research and to use highly professional methods to prevent various sleep problems.   By regularly launching truly innovative products, Swissflex has created a benchmark in the substantial market for bed and sleep systems, and can offer the right solution to suit any need. Swissflex’ latest innovation – the award-winning slat-base technology marketed under the name bridge® – is the result of many years of development and sleep research. With its ergonomic design (modelled on the shape of the human vertebral column), the bridge® slat base automatically and individually adjusts to all body types, irrespective of height, weight and sleeping position.  The bridge® technology has also been acclaimed for its visual design, with the 22 bridge® model having won three major international design awards within a short space of time: the Red Dot Award 2014, the IF Design Award 2015 and the German Design Award 2016. “Being the recipient of these three awards for the distinctive design of our product confirms we are on the right track with our strategy of pursuing the highest standards in both technology and design”, says Swissflex’ Marketing and Product Management Director Jens Fischer.    Swissflex’ proposition is that we offer bed systems for all body types and adapted to individual needs. One of the key design features of our beds is the connection between the slat base and the mattress. Swissflex mattresses featuring GELTEX® inside provide the ultimate sense of comfort: the mix of elastic gel and breathable foam ensures a balanced combination of pressure relief, body support and easy breathing – the three vital elements of healthy sleep.   Our ongoing commitment to promoting sound, healthy sleep is also reflected in the swissbed collection, Swissflex’ range of beds. Each model offers a variety of technical details, which work discreetly but effectively in the background to ensure comfort and to highlight the beds’ beautiful designs and fabrics. Swissflex pillows, which complete the range, also provide significant pressure relief and comfortable support for the head, shoulder and neck area.    As the leading global manufacturer of high-quality, sophisticated bed systems, Swissflex does not compromise on technology, workmanship and the raw materials it uses in its manufacturing processes. The company uses advanced production processes and procedures: a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, specially developed tools and traditional workmanship. These processes are vital in meeting our own high standards of functionality and ergonomic design and ensuring that all Swissflex products are durable and perfectly adjustable to any body type. This is the secret to our success and has been winning over people around the world for more than half a century. 

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