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Member of the Month January 2017 – epimedical (Switzerland AG)

Global growth through top quality production and the product mix. epimedical (Switzerland) AG, founded in 2010, produces high-quality medical implants and surgical instruments for traumatology and orthopedics.

The company focuses on implants (plates and screws) for large bones as well as the necessary surgical instruments. epimedical’s product range offers a well-rounded portfolio to surgeons treating the most common bone breaks. The high-quality nature of implants, screws and instruments are paramount for success. This strategy pays off: The company delivers its high-quality top-of-the-range products with the Swiss label to customers around the world.   High-tech products of highest quality epimedical’s implants undergo various steps in the production process: Starting with the raw materials (specifically titanium alloy), from CNC milling machine tools to special surface treatment and sterile packaging of the products, epimedical must uphold strict quality standards. Uniform manufacturing processes are combined with diverse engineering and planning steps which are developed with the assistance of expert specialists and surgeons. Certain quality standards must not only be met for the uniform production process, but also apply to the smallest sub processes as well as the requirement that all subcontractors fulfil certified guidelines. Likewise, the finished products must be certified to be released for sale. The path from initial design to finished product ready for sale is quite lengthy.   Worldwide markets The expensive market entry has been worthwhile. Demand for epimedical’s products is increasing and some projects have already been successfully implemented. epimedical has had a particularly strong response in the Middle East, Latin American and Asian markets. The company is therefore now focusing on these regions. A network of local distributors is being developed and established. Over 90% of the company’s turnover is generated abroad.   Value creation and jobs in Switzerland epimedical contributes to Swiss competitive strength by sourcing research and development in Switzerland. Six employees are currently situated in Switzerland. Generating further jobs in Switzerland is being considered as certain subcontractors also produce for the Swiss market.   "Quality without compromise is essential for the satisfaction of our customers: all production phases and subcontractors must meet stringent requirements. Our emphasis on quality with our system of customer and surgeon-focused products, is our key to success." Vincenzo Carrieri, CEO epimedical (Switzerland) AG



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