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Member of the month, March 2016 – de Sede – Custom leather craftsmanship made in Switzerland

de Sede AG is an international manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture in leather and fabric. The brand’s portfolio includes the upholstery and furniture companies de Sede and FSM Frank Sitzmöbel. All products are manufactured exclusively in Klingnau. de Sede employs about 100 staff and its products are sold around the world. Since December 2015, de Sede AG has been part of Oel-Pool AG in Aarau. 
"Places touch us through their quality and exert a positive influence on our lives – on our dedication, our creativity, our motivation, our feeling for life. This is why we are devoted to quality."   de Sede manufactures products of the highest quality, employing superb craftsmanship, outstanding design skills and the best materials. We owe our special position on the market to our time-tested practice of passing down the knowledge and skills of our craft from generation to generation. People around the world recognise and appreciate the difference.    de Sede makes products that make places more powerful. Products that lend inspiration to spaces and make them more meaningful, while highlighting the individuality of the person who owns them. The result is upholstered furniture in which people, leather and comfort play the leading roles.    In 2015, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. With its uncompromising pursuit of perfect seating comfort and the highest production quality, de Sede has now been making furniture history for more than 50 years. In order to allow the success story to continue, this tradition in the art of furniture craftsmanship and design is constantly reinterpreted.   And thus de Sede is proving its innovative strength once again in 2016. Inspiring new designs with high quality materials, perfect workmanship and carefully selected materials and colours were presented successfully to a wide audience at the international furniture fair in Cologne in January.    The DS-21 by Stephan Hürlemann brings together the ease and familiarity of a seating area with the grandeur of high feet. A new combination, it represents the maturing of a typology previously found only in the lounge area. The DS-21 has the appearance of a floating sculpture, an elevated seating area, and can be used in both private and semi-public spaces.   The DS-373 is Alfredo Häberli’s homage to the fascination of de Sede’s NECK leather. This legendary five-millimetre-thick leather is so elegantly folded that an understated, perfectly formed sofa can be created from a single bullhide. Alfredo Häberli’s basis and inspiration for the model was a small leather elephant found at a flea market. Made from a flat piece of leather, its exquisitely folded design gives it its three-dimensional shape.   The fine upholstery company from Klingnau hopes to further establish itself as an international brand and innovative manufacturer under the leadership of CEO Monika Walser.   The company management has sought to foster a vision that positions de Sede products on the global market as typically Swiss, just as watches or chocolate, thereby placing a strategic focus on the company's international appeal and reliability.    de Sede AG Oberes Zelgli 2 CH-5313 Klingnau Tel:   + 41 56 268 01 11 Fax:  + 41 56 268 01 21



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