Mobility is radically simplified

Uber is a thing of the past; now we have Streez. The Streez company from Canton Aargau seeks to radically simplify mobility based on a new concept, ingenious software and a fleet of electric vehicles.

Mobility is radically simplified

The Streez offer is a combination of a limousine service and car sharing. Streez clients do not have to book the entire limousine, but rather just a space in the car at a fixed price. Log-in takes place via an app. Ingenious software guides the driver through traffic and determines the route so that all clients reach their destinations in the most efficient way for less than half the cost of a comparable taxi trip.

Streez also offers the optimal comparison of various modes of transportation. Never again will you have to struggle through traffic in your own car, pay for parking and take the same route back. Nobody will have to painfully coordinate train, bus or taxi trips and pay for each separately. Streez provides the whole range of services. Clients are therefore offered greater flexibility at a lower price.

Streez, the innovative Aargau company, is starting with a fleet of 40 electric vehicles, 20 Tesla Model S vehicles and 20 vehicles from Chinese manufacturer, BYD. Over the next years, the fleet should then grow to 700 vehicles.

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