Movement of goods with GCC: avoid misunderstandings

It is advisable to correctly complete the EUR 1 movement certificate. The Swiss Customs Administration is reminding exporters that this also applies to goods traffic with the Gulf States.

“EFTA” alone is still frequently being indicated as the country of origin on the movement certificate for goods which are destined for the GCC. However, the correct procedure would be to (also) indicate the EFTA country from which the product originates, therefore for example: “Switzerland” or “EFTA/Switzerland”.

It is also advantageous to be more specific about the destination country. In addition to “GCC”, the actual importing country should also be indicated. For example: “GCC/Saudi Arabia”. In addition, it should be ensured that “GCC” is spelt correctly. Other spellings (“CGC” or other variants) could lead to problems on importing products.

Swiss Customs Administration: EFTA-GCC free trade agreement/EUR 1 movement certificate, columns 4 and 5

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