New rules for trade fair employees working in certain EU countries

Swiss companies participating in a trade fair in France have to provide new documents to the French authorities regarding the lawful employment of their employees. Germany and Italy have also updated their rules. What to consider.

A Swiss trade fair stand in Germany.


1. Before a Swiss company can participate in a trade fair in France or send its employees to France, it must register at sipsi.

2. In addition, the French labor code requires that employees carry a declaration with them containing the following information:

  • Full name, place and date of birth
  • Position
  • Beginning and duration of stay in France, address in France
  • Name, Swiss address and company's legal form, canton and commercial registry number
  • Company's contact information (phone, fax email, website)
  • Proof of employee's insurance

The corresponding templates can be found under downloads

3. Employers must also provide proof of social security for the employee in Switzerland.

4. All employees at the fair booth must also be able to present their work contract, at least in electronic form.

A French-speaking representative must be on site

Based on reports from other Swiss companies, these rules are strictly enforced; sometimes company cars are inspected upon entering the trade fair grounds. Make sure that your employees have all of the required documents in order to avoid large fines.

The issuing Swiss company is also required to appoint a French-speaking company representative who can be contacted by authorities at all times.

Under downloads please find a summary of our Swiss Business Hub France in French. Our ExportHelp Team is also available to answer any of your questions.

An overview page with information and downloads regarding the relevant national regulations in individual countries can be found here (in German).

Additional countries concerned

Similar provisions exist in Italy, though not necessarily concerning trade fairs. The information page for the Italian Ministry of Labor should nonetheless be consulted.

Link in English: Posting of workers

Registering employees in Italian

Regulations in Germany have also become stricter with the introduction of a minimum wage. All trade fair employees must be registered, regardless of whether they are technicians or salespeople.

Link to German customs.



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