Novartis enters into licensing agreement with US company

In a bid to advance its two mTORC1 inhibitors in the US, the Basel-based pharmaceutical company Novartis has entered into a licensing agreement with PureTech Health. The drugs prevent age-dependent decline in immune functions.

Novartis has entered into a licensing agreement with PureTech Health. (generic image)

Novartis has granted the US company PureTech Health exclusive license to two clinical stage programmes for its mTORC1 inhibitors. PureTech Health will establish a subsidiary to develop these new product candidates, and a Phase 2b study is already planned to commence this year.

The Novartis drugs have the potential to ameliorate decreased immune function caused by ageing. The inhibitors have already been shown to extend lifespan in several species, including worms, flies and certain mammals.

The PureTech Health subsidiary resTORbio will invest around USD 15 million in further developing the inhibitors. According to a statement, PureTech Health is expected to own approximately 58 per cent of resTORbio, but it could be increased to around 67 per cent. Novartis will also have equity in the subsidiary and be eligible for further milestone payments and royalties.

“We regard the further development of these compounds by PureTech Health for the potential treatment of conditions such as immunosenescence, as a prime example of our continued commitment to work more openly with innovators beyond our walls to advance projects that have the potential to help patients lead healthier lives,” said Jay Brander, president of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR).

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