Polish luxury goods market on the up: A good price-performance ratio is a winner

Until 2018 the luxury and premium goods market in Poland is set to grow by 17%. It's true that Poles like to buy Polish brands, but only if the quality is right. Swiss luxury goods will primarily score points therefore, if the price-performance ratio is good. The bottom line:

The clock face of a Swiss watch.
Swiss products are considered luxurious.

A product's benefits are paramount

When it comes to buying luxury goods, the Poles do not always choose according to the brand, but rather how functional the product is and the quality it offers. Luxury is therefore defined in terms of the benefit of the product and not the label, thus it's not automatically the big international brands that are the first choice. Nevertheless, Swiss luxury products score particularly highly in the watchmaking segment. It is here that we see stronger growth rates than, for example, in Swiss fashion items.

"Made in Switzerland" = luxury

Nevertheless, Swiss products are generally perceived as premium goods and stand for pure luxury and exclusivity. Furthermore, they are renowned for precision and accuracy. However, many purchase decisions are positively influenced by the "Made in Poland" label, because Polish products have a reputation for good quality and are perceived as reasonably priced.

Purchasing power greatest in the cities

Among the 42 European countries, Poland is in 29th place for its purchasing power with 6,366 euros (by way of comparison: Switzerland is in second place with 42,300 euros). The region with the greatest purchasing power is Warsaw and the small towns surrounding it. For Swiss companies, it is therefore particularly worthwhile building a presence in the bigger cities, such as Warsaw, Cracow or Katowice.

Report for download:

Find out more about this topic in the report by our Swiss Business Hub Poland "Business Opportunities for Swiss Companies. Luxury & Premium Goods Market in Poland".

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