Quality of life: Three Swiss cities in the top 15

Swiss cities receive top marks in 2016 in the international rankings on quality of life. Switzerland also dominated the "personal security" ranking, holding a number of top spots.

Just like last year, Zurich is the city with the second highest quality of life in the world. Geneva was 8th and Bern 14th, meaning the other Swiss cities that were reviewed also held top spots. Vienna holds first place with Auckland taking bronze. This result was based on the annual comparison of the quality of life of 230 major cities, which is carried out by the consulting firm Mercer. The study also analyses other criteria, which play a key role for international companies when it comes to dispatching expatriates. These include political, social, economic and environmental aspects.

This year Mercer also published a special ranking on "personal security" for the first time. Key criteria for assessing security are, for example, internal stability, crime levels and the capabilities of local law enforcement authorities. Zurich also held second place in this comparison together with Bern and Helsinki. Geneva followed in fifth place. The leader with regard to security was Luxembourg, with Vienna in sixth.

"Many employees, who are sent abroad by their companies, take their families with them. This is also one of the reasons why security is of utmost importance and determines their quality of life," explained Mercer expert Narcisa Chelaru. "In Swiss cities there is comparatively little crime, law enforcement is efficient, and the social and political conditions are stable. They are thus viewed as being very safe and hold top spots in international comparisons."

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