Saudi Arabia increases official fees for trade marks

Official fees for trade mark applications, renewals and recordals of licenses increase effective on 29 September 2016. Fees for changes of name, changes of address and assignments remain the same. There is a new official fee for filing a trade mark opposition.
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The official fees of trade mark registration rise.

These new fees follow the publication of the GCC Trade Mark Law and the Implementing Regulations in the Official Gazette in Saudi Arabia issue No. 4625 on 1 July 2016. Royal Decree D51 of 1435 stated that the GCC Trade Mark Law shall be in force ninety days from the date of issue. That is 29 September 2016. The Trade Mark Office has not issued a formal notification of the increases but has confirmed the increases verbally.

The changes are:


  • The official fee for registration increases from SAR3,000 to SAR5,000.

  • The total official fees for application, publication and registration therefore increase from SAR7,000 (about US$1,870) to SAR9,000 (about US$2,400).


  • The official fee for filing a renewal application increases from SAR3,000 to SAR5,500.

  • The total official fees therefore increase from SAR6,000 (about US$1,600) to SAR8,500 (about US$2,265).

Recording a license

  • The official fee for filing an application to record a license increases from SAR1,000 to SAR2,000.

  • The total official fees therefore increase from SAR2,000 (about US$540) to SAR3,000 (about US$810).


  • There is a new official fee for filing an opposition of SAR2,000 (about US$540).

Assignments, changes of name or changes of address

  • No change

It is noteworthy that the official fee for publication for applications and renewals remains at SAR3,000. The Implementing Regulations of the GCC Trade Mark Law set a guideline for fees which is:

  • SAR500 for «Publication of a Trademark (if the publication is issued by the competent authority)»

  • SAR1,000 for «Publication of the Renewal of Registration (if the publication was issued from the competent authority)»

The increases in official fees follow increases in Kuwait (December 2015) and Bahrain (May 2016) following the implementation of the Implementing Regulation of the GCC Trade Mark Law in each. We await implementation in Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates and the likely changes to official fees in each as a consequence.

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