Saudi Arabia increases visa fees

The Saudi cabinet has decided on a massive increase in visa fees. It will take effect on October 2.
View of Mecca.
Increased visa fees in Saudi Arabia: It is becoming more expensive for all those entering the country. Except for pilgrims who are visiting the holy sites in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

A simple entry visa will cost the equivalent of CHF 500 according to the new fee regulations. Previously it only cost CHF 54. For multiple entries within six months the Saudis will be charging CHF 750 starting October 2, and CHF 1250 for a year or CHF 2000 for two years. The fees for transit visas rise to CHF 75, for exit visas (when leaving the country through a port) to CHF 13. The Saudis have reset the price of visas for the exit and re-entry of foreigners resident in Saudi Arabia at CH 130 for a 3-month stay in Saudi Arabia. The visa fee increases by CHF 50 for each additional month.

Saudi Gazette: Visa fees revised

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