Canton of Schaffhausen to offer e-identities

The canton of Schaffhausen is using the integrated e-government platform developed by the Zurich-based start-up Procivis to allow its citizens to obtain an electronic identity.

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A mobile app that allows citizens to create and manage their electronic identity. (image Procivis)

Procivis and the canton of Schaffhausen are teaming up to supply the canton’s citizens with an electronic identity. The Citizen-ID will be launched later this year as a pilot project, Procivis announced. The e-identity will allow citizens to log on to the citizen portal and use the available government services.

Procivis released the latest version of its integrated e-identity and services platform at the end of May. At the heart of the solution is a mobile app that allows citizens to create and manage their electronic identity. Verification providers can access the platform on a web backend to ensure the correctness of personal data, while an interface allows third parties to validate the verification status of such information, adding security and speed to their processes. 

“The canton of Schaffhausen is known as an innovation driver in the field of digitisation. That’s why we’re excited to have won Schaffhausen as the first client for our solution. With the extension of its citizen portal, the canton is positioning itself at the forefront of Switzerland’s e-government development,” said Procivis founder and CEO Daniel Gasteiger.

“The canton of Schaffhausen stands for the application of future-oriented technology. First, we introduced self-driving coaches at the Rheinfall, and now we’re launching an integrated e-government solution for all our citizens. As the president of the governing council and chair of the e-government core team, I’m convinced that we’re headed in the right direction,” said president of the governing council Rosmarie Widmer Gysel.

The Zurich-based Procivis was founded in 2016 by the blockchain entrepreneur Gasteiger.

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