Starmind – a Swiss contribution to Industry 4.0

Starmind sees itself as part of the digital transformation. They developed a kind of self-learning brain for companies, which offers direct access to knowledge.

The Foreign Trade Forum on April 21, 2016 in the Zurich Exhibition Center, where you will be appearing, is being held under the title “Industry 4.0 – is your business model fit for the future?”.

How important is the fourth Industrial Revolution for the survival of your company?

We see ourselves as drivers and designers of the fourth industrial revolution. Increased speed, digitization, automation and the emergence of artificial intelligence will lead to job losses and upheaval in entire industries. Our technology will help companies to emerge from the industrial revolution as winners.

Which measures are you implementing to get your company ready for Industry 4.0?

The proximity to the Silicon Valley, the access to top talents worldwide and also the utilization of cutting-edge technologies represent the foundation for our company. We see ourselves as part of the fourth industrial revolution and are helping to actively shape it.

Keyword competitiveness: How can export-driven Swiss SMEs benefit from the latest automation trends such as the Internet of things?

Switzerland, as a high-price country, would do well to invest in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. This would enable us to maintain a high level of product quality while remaining competitive, and thus stay one step ahead of the low-wage countries.

How would you assess the export year 2015, which was of course affected by the Swiss franc shock?

Our customers are prepared to pay extra for Swiss know-how, quality and innovation, which enabled us to counteract the franc shock somewhat.

What do you expect for your company in the export year 2016, which is still young but surely to be demanding once again?

We expect interest in our technology, in Swiss know-how and our innovation to continue to rise. Switzerland is predestined to play an active role in shaping the fourth industrial revolution and to access new markets with innovative products.

This interview appeared on March 23, 2016 in the Handelszeitung newspaper.

Come to our Foreign Trade Forum on April 21, 2016 and discuss the digital transformation with Pascal Kaufmann.

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