Survey: We are looking for our focus topic for 2018

We are looking for our focus topic for 2018. In which of the two topics can we best support you as an exporter with news, interviews and events?

A man is looking at something through a lense.

There is a choice of two topics:

Topic A

How global markets are changing

  • Countries are becoming protectionist, business and free trade are under fire, political uncertainty
  • Switzerland has concluded many different complex free trade agreements
  • The advance of globalization, driven by digitalization

The challenge for exporters

  • Analysis of risks, diversification of export portfolio
  • Managing trade barriers and discrimination
  • Fully exploiting Swiss free trade agreements

Practical support by S-GE

  • News, facts, exchange of experience on market access
  • Formulate market strategies, overcome barriers to entry, find local partners

Topic B 

What is happening in the world

  • More intensive globalization and digitization of value chains
  • New middle class in emerging markets, new economic powers
  • Increasing global competition, South-South trade, regional trade agreements

The challenge for exporters

  • To conquer more markets, reduce cluster risk in Europe and exploit new opportunities
  • At the same time, localize business according to market needs
  • Managing an increasingly complex international value chain

Practical support by S-GE

  • News, facts, exchange of experience on adapting to individual markets
  • Define market entry strategies, understand the competition
  • Identify the right partners and customers, organize the business locally


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