Swiss are hard workers no matter their age

Recent studies show that Swiss inhabitants between 55 and 64 are working more than most of their European peers. Unemployment is not only low among the “senior” citizens.

According to the latest Eurostat survey, Switzerland is among the countries where people approaching retirement work most. Indeed, 71.6% of this age segment had a professional activity in 2014. A truly high number in comparison to Switzerland’s neighbors like France for example, where only 47.1% had a job last year.

Such statistics for Switzerland can be explained by a positive economic context and advantageous working conditions. The latter result in a general low unemployment rate, in fact the lowest among the G20 countries. And this year, unemployment decreased along with Winter fading away. As a matter of fact, the rate went down for the last three consecutive months.

Switzerland may be a small country but it is for sure a moving nation.

For more information about labor market in Switzerland, please refer to the Handbook for Investors (chapter 8: Labor Market & Labor Law).

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