Swiss Federal Council adopts an initiative on the digitization of the Federal Customs Administration

In its session of February 15, 2017, the Swiss Federal Council adopted an initiative (the DaziT Program) for the comprehensive modernization and simplification of all of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration's (FCA) processes. Meeting this target requires a complete overhaul of the IT systems landscape at the FCA, for which a total of CHF 400 million is being requested. The economy, administration and general public stand to benefit from significant simplifications due to integrated digitized processes.
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Digitization to simplify procedures for all involved parties.

The FCA is an important player in the international supply chain of goods and services, as well as being the primary security apparatus of the Swiss border. With credit totaling roughly CHF 400 million for 2018 through 2026, the FCA is set to undergo comprehensive digital transformation with DaziT. In particular, the program is aimed at relieving the burden on the economy by reducing costs for customs procedures (regulatory costs) and making processes within the administration leaner and more efficient. Investments and a temporary increase in personnel resources will be required in the program's initial phase. By 2023, the FCA's administrative costs in the areas targeted by DaziT can be reduced thanks to a roughly 20 percent increase in productivity. Finally, DaziT helps make inspections more effective, thus improving security in the transport of goods.

The program's name "DaziT" stands for "Dazi," the Romansh word for customs, and for "Transformation," while the "IT" represents the core, enabling concept.

Comprehensive digitization

The crossing of national borders by goods and people entails formalities which are not currently supported by the existing range of technologies. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the IT landscape at the FCA has grown over decades and the individual applications prevent the cross-sectoral use of data. The FCA's business processes reveal media disruptions and link resources, both internally and in exchanges with customers.

With the program DaziT, all customs processes are set to be digitized by 2026 in order to further simplify and accelerate border crossings. In the future, customers will be able to fulfill their obligations at any time and from any location via an internet portal. This will also accelerate physical bordering crossings and increase customs efficiency by making data for risk analysis and inspections more quickly and reliably obtainable. The simplification of customs procedures and the complete overhaul of IT systems will also help orient the FCA's organization to new challenges.

Source: Federal Council press release


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