Swiss universities are among the most innovative in Europe

Once again, two Swiss universities have received top ratings and made it into the Reuters top ten of 'Europe’s Most Innovative Universities'.

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With over 10,000 students, just under half of whom are from Switzerland, EPF Lausanne achieved an excellent fourth place. Just behind Cambridge University, Imperial College London and KU Leuven in Belgium. With over 50,000 students, KU Leuven also has the most students of all of the Universities in the top 10. The Reuters ranking once again highlights the quality of EFPL, with the university already achieving top results in various rankings in recent months. In April, for example, the university near Lake Geneva was singled out for the second successive time as the world’s best university which has existed for less than 50 years.

For the University of Zurich as well, good rankings are nothing unusual this year: Just a few weeks ago, it took a respectable 85th place in the international comparison of universities. The largest university in Switzerland came 10th in the Reuters ranking, outperforming renowned universities such as the Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Copenhagen.

The Reuters ranking is made up of ten different components, including the number of patent applications and the number issued. When it comes to patent applications, Switzerland is top in an international comparison: With a total of 7088 patent applications in 2015, it takes sixth place in the global comparison. Calculated on the basis of the number of inhabitants, Switzerland remains the undisputed world number 1. 873 patents per million inhabitants were registered with the European Patent Office (EPO) from Switzerland last year, with the EPF Lausanne alone registering over 50 patents

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