In Switzerland Expats Have More Money in the Bank

The average disposable income of expats in Switzerland is extremely high compared to other countries.

According to the website expats in Switzerland do pretty well on a financial level. After tax and living costs were taken out the average disposable monthly income in 2014 amounted to £4,313.53 (CHF 6,242). Thus, almost £1,250 (CHF 1,807) higher than the average wage expats dispose of in Luxembourg (£3,066.42/CHF 4,435), the country placed second on the ranking. On the third to the fifth of the financially most attractive countries for expats figure Zambia (£2,964.56), Jersey (£2,959.26) and Bermuda (£2,909.13). Switzerland therefore is an extremely attractive location for foreign employees.

More about environment and life in Switzerland can be found on the S-GE Website.

You can download the full index of Expat Disposable Incomes Compared at investing expatriates.

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