Switzerland remains the world leader in innovation

Switzerland continues to receive outstanding grades when it comes to innovation. Once again, it is ranked the most innovative country in the world, this time in the Innovation Indicator compiled by the Centre for European Economic Research.

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area
Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest R&D gross investments in the world. (image: Innovation Park Basel)

In the annually published Innovation Indicator conducted by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and the Frauenhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Switzerland is listed as the most innovative country globally, followed by Singapore and Belgium. The country has held the top position for several consecutive years now.

According to the Innovation Indicator Report, Switzerland is the only country that achieved “very high values” in all areas that were analyzed, namely:

  • Industry: Switzerland has strong clusters, especially in ICT, life sciences and MEM.
  • Science: With its pool of international employees, its sophisticated business culture and advanced infrastructure, Switzerland provides the ideal environment for R&D organization especially in the life sciences or communication and information technology industries, and optimal conditions for attracting internationally recognized researchers and experts.
  • Education: Switzerland’s internationally renowned academic education is supplemented by direct, practical apprenticeships – constituting a dual education system.
  • Governance: The Swiss economy is one of the most liberal and competitive economies in the world. Low capital costs, a stable currency, strong purchasing power, moderate taxation, a federal state system, and economic and political stability guarantee a high level of security for investments in Switzerland.
  • Society:  Switzerland is a very safe country and offers an extremely high quality of life. The Swiss cities of Zurich, Bern and Geneva have for years occupied the top spots in global rankings of cities compiled by the global consultancy firm Mercer.

In the area of industry, Switzerland was listed overall number one, while ranking second in education, third in both science and society and fourth in governance.

Singapore, Belgium, Germany and Finland come in second, third, fourth and fifth, while the USA fails to be included in the top ten (eleventh). The study examined a total of 35 countries.

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