Switzerland is top in the world for change readiness

Switzerland has ranked number one in the Change Readiness Index (CRI) compiled by consulting firm KPMG. The CRI compares the ability of countries to deal with a wide range of change drivers, be it technological, economic or social change.

ETH, students
Switzerland is the country that is best prepared for change. (image: ETH Zurich)

Worldwide, Switzerland is the country that is best prepared for change. This is revealed in the new Change Readiness Index (CRI) published by consulting firm KPMG. The CRI measures how prepared a country is for long-term change that may result from technological, economic and social trends. It also considers how a country might respond to short-term shocks, such as natural disasters. To this end, each country’s capacity is structured around three pillars of capability – enterprise, people and civil society, and government. Switzerland ranked second in the enterprise category, first in people and civil society and fourth in government. 

As a result, Switzerland ranked number one overall for the first time this year, with the previous leader Singapore dropping to fourth. Sweden rose to number two and is followed by the United Arab Emirates. Germany is ranked ninth, the United Kingdom tenth and the USA is at number 12. European countries very much dominate the top 10. 

While GDP is an important sign of readiness for change, KPMG also highlighted that a higher level of migration is indicative of a country being better prepared. 

“Our index reveals which countries are best positioned to benefit from change,” says Timothy Stiles of KPMG. This study analyses and compares a total of 136 countries.



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