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For the fourth time in a row, Switzerland is taking part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. From January 5-8 2022, Switzerland Global Enterprise and Presence Switzerland will accompany 15 Swiss startups together with partners to one of the world's most important consumer electronics trade fairs. As part of the SwissTech campaign, the companies will showcase their innovations to a global audience and represent Switzerland as the world's leading location for innovation and technology. 

CES we are ready!

An intelligent solution for sustainable water consumption, interactive avatars for a contact-free customer experience, or new forms of e-mobility - the innovations of the 15 Swiss startups are extremely diverse again this year. The latest technologies will be presented as part of the SwissTech presence at CES 2022, which is co-organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) and Presence Switzerland (PRS) of the FDFA, and supported by the partners Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and Swissnex. 

"We are proud of the strong Swiss presence at CES 2022. The startups represent Switzerland as a location for innovation and technology. Together we are positioning Switzerland as an attractive business location for world-leading technology companies," says Patrik Wermelinger, Head of Investment Promotion at S-GE. The SwissTech presence at CES gives startups the opportunity to present themselves to a tech-savvy global audience, get in touch with potential investors, customers and partners, and take the next step towards opening up new markets.

On the spot once again at CES 2022 

CES is one of the most important trade fairs for consumer electronics and is held annually in Las Vegas (USA). Due to the pandemic, the fair in 2021 was completely digital. CES 2022 will be held as a physical event once again along with a digital version.  

As the first point of contact for internationalization issues, S-GE, together with the Swiss Business Hub USA, will prepare participating startups for entering the US market. What's more, the companies are networked directly with potential business partners or given the opportunity to present themselves to foreign investors and media. The majority of the startups will receive financial aid from Innosuisse for participating in the trade fair and for business support. 

Startups Benefit from the SwissTech campaign

The Swiss startups participating in the CES as part of the SwissTech campaign are all active in the consumer electronics sector. By participating in CES Las Vegas, the startups will benefit from the global and uniform communication of the Swisstech campaign (, which will lead to greater visibility for Switzerland and the startups. 

An overview of all Swiss startups attending CES Worldwide 2022 can be found here. 



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