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Swiss cleantech company on the way to China

At Jobst Willers Engineering AG the main tasks include creating optimal climatic conditions for cleanrooms and operating theaters, precise planning of comfort levels for administration and office buildings and the development of decarbonized area energy concepts. The Swiss cleantech company is booming, and the number of employees has doubled over the last five years to 60. The company has now set its sights on China.

Among other things, Jobst Willers Engineering helped design the Sitem research building on the University Hospital of Bern campus.
Among other things, Jobst Willers Engineering helped design the Sitem research building on the University Hospital of Bern campus.

“In China, new districts, technology and industrial parks are springing up. Developing the right energy systems while doing away with fossil fuels is one of our company’s core competences,” explains Magnus Willers, co-owner and Deputy Managing Director of Jobst Willers Engineering AG. The demand for energy concepts in China is as great as the company’s curiosity about the Chinese market. To get a better picture of local market potential, the Swiss cleantech company enlisted the support of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE).

S-GE organized an individual Fact Finding Mission for Jobst Willers Engineering AG. Various meetings with potential customers and partners took place over 10 days in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. “We made some very interesting contacts on our journey. Just recently, a Chinese real estate investor was with us in Switzerland and we were both able to sign a letter of intent for a working relationship.” Whether the partnership actually comes about is difficult to judge, according to Magnus Willers. It’s hard to get a good feeling, as the appropriate experience in China is still lacking.

“SMEs cannot clarify everything themselves”

Jobst Willers Engineering AG was founded in 1989. In addition to its headquarters in Rheinfelden, the cleantech company also has offices in Zurich, Berne and in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The Polish branch was established together with S-GE. The consultant in Switzerland and the Swiss Business Hub Poland supported Jobst Willers Engineering AG with legal questions, informed them about the employment situation in Poland and highlighted the main differences to Switzerland.

For Magnus Willers, support from S-GE was crucial during both internationalization processes in Poland and China: “As in any project, the right partner is required. It is extremely difficult for an SME to clarify everything within a reasonable time, and with reasonable staff costs.” Because he was also very satisfied with the quality of the service, Magnus Willers will certainly consider working with S-GE on a future project. 

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