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Taking digital solutions to Spain

Thousands of bank statements and insurance policies are sent out every month in Switzerland alone. Responsible for the areas of service, logistics and software, Docucom from Rapperswil (SG) ensures that this process runs flawlessly, securely and quickly. Docucom has now expanded to Spain.

Docucom wants to sustainably strengthen its software development
Docucom wants to sustainably strengthen its software development

The company Docucom has been developing its own software for several years. In order to meet growing demand, it brought in external programmers. “But then we decided to completely integrate software development into our company,” explains CEO Robert Reichmuth. “This is why we have set up a new development location in Spain.” A further difficulty is the fact that qualified programmers in the German-speaking region are becoming increasingly thin on the ground for Swiss SMEs.

The project in Spain was implemented by Docucom together with Switzerland Global Enterprise. “We were given expert advice from the beginning,” says Robert Reichmuth. We examined various options together and Spain emerged as a very good solution. “The legal framework has improved significantly in Spain in recent years, making it a lucrative market for foreign companies.” For the time being, however, Madrid is purely a development location to develop orders for Switzerland and sustainably strengthen the software development. “This is crucial for us; it’s the only way we can implement projects on time.” Docucom also wants to offer its own products on the Spanish market in future.

“S-GE helped us to reach the right people”

Expanding to Spain also brings challenges, however. "There are many regulators, and it takes time. For example, taking out insurance can be a test of patience,” says Erick Lokhorst, head of Docucom’s activities in Spain. Nevertheless, the company is satisfied with the development. “If you asked me today if we would do it again, the answer would be a clear yes,” adds Robert Reichmuth. He would also draw on the support of Switzerland Global Enterprise again: “We benefited from expert consultation and were able to implement the project quickly and sustainably. Adviser Beat Kuster in Switzerland and Swiss Business Hub Spain helped us to make important contacts and reach the right people”.

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