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Schmid energy solutions: Achieving international success with the Cleantech CUBE

Based in Eastern Switzerland, Schmid energy solutions develops and produces wood heating systems for district heating networks and industrial enterprises. The company now intends to expand this business to the US, Canada and Scandinavia. In order to receive support in this internationalization process, the company has registered with the Cleantech CUBE.  

The family company has specialized in wood energy solutions since 1936.
The family company has specialized in wood energy solutions since 1936.

"We benefit from the Cleantech CUBE in two areas: on the one hand, it enables us to enter new markets more easily. Only recently, we set up a production facility in Poland. On the other hand, the CUBE brings with it a large network and facilitates good business relations," says Philipp Lüscher, CEO of Schmid energy solutions. But that's not all. The Cleantech CUBE has also already resulted in a number of business opportunities: "We have found a partner in the UK with whom we have meanwhile been working for several years." Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss Business Hub were also involved in the cooperation with a partner company in Japan.

"We are looking for countries where it is cold"

Schmid energy solutions remains export-oriented. New markets are already in focus, according to Philipp Lüscher: "We have had market analyses prepared for the USA and Canada." The Swiss Business Hub USA then compiled a list of possible partner companies; this choice was later narrowed down together with the company from Eastern Switzerland. "We have contacted these potential business partners in the meantime, and it looks very interesting," says Lüscher.

He also hopes for success with his system solutions in Scandinavia. After Sweden, Schmid energy solutions also hopes to gain a foothold in Denmark and Finland. "We are looking for cold, forested locations where the price level is reasonable." Philipp Lüscher does not want to do without the support of the Cleantech CUBE, Switzerland Global Enterprise and the Swiss Business Hubs when developing new export markets. The biggest advantage for him is that a company is quickly able to find the right people and, based on market analyses, can target specific new export markets.

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