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Searching for a distribution partner in Germany: Patience pays off for Cytosurge AG

With its FluidFM® technology, Glattbrugg-based Cytosurge AG produces measuring and micromanipulation instruments for cutting-edge nanotechnology research: Swiss quality products, which should also be successful on the international stage. The search for the right distribution partner in Germany was not easy for the company, but with the help of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), a suitable distribution partner could quickly be found.

Cytosurge developed and patented the FluidFM® technology
Cytosurge developed and patented the FluidFM® technology

Cytosurge AG is in fact already operating internationally. It sells its FluidFM measurement and micromanipulation instruments to various customers in around 35 countries. Sales Manager Alexander Serre explains: “Previously it was the case that customers approached us after hearing about our products. Now we want to turn the tables and approach potential customers as well as build markets in a targeted way.” One important target market for the company is Germany, but how do you find the right distribution partner in a country with more than 80 million inhabitants? “Either you look for companies that have products similar to your own and approach their business partners, or you contact Switzerland Global Enterprise with its worldwide network,” says Alexander Serre, who also opted for the latter option.

“It quickly became clear that we were a good fit”

Various meetings with Nadja Kolb, consultant for Germany at S-GE, as well as telephone conferences with an expert from Germany followed. It quickly became clear that finding a distribution partner would not be easy. “Following an unsuccessful attempt with a first expert who didn’t have the right profile and market knowledge for our very specific products, Nadja Kolb called me back after a couple of months and arranged a new contact in Germany. It turned out to be exactly what we needed.” says Alexander Serre. Cytosurge AG recently signed a contract with Lab Automation Network. “Lab Automation Network is a network of around ten SMEs that are leaders in technology in their industry. They all have expertise in creating automated solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and have good contacts in the field. It quickly became clear that we were a good fit.”

Number of employees doubled

In Lab Automation Network, Cytosurge AG has found a representative for Germany – and not just that: “The representative was also recently at an exhibition in the USA, and it’s highly possible that they will also represent us in other countries.” Alexander Serre knows that it always takes luck to find the right business partner. Nevertheless, he is convinced: “The S-GE consultant understood exactly what we were looking for and was able to provide excellent support.” He is so pleased at how the process is currently going, that he is already in discussions with other S-GE consultants for opening up further export markets. “I've worked with export funding organizations in other countries, but none were as competent and open as S-GE.”

Cytosurge AG, which was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich and doubled its headcount from nine to 18 last year, is on a successful course to expansion. This is moving the company one step closer to its goals: continued growth and doubled sales for the second year in a row.

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