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Dixi discovers new know-how in the medical sector

The origins of Dixi Cylindre SA, based in Le Locle (NE), go back to 1924. Established to manufacture parts for the watchmaking industry, Cylindre SA’s turning workshop was acquired by the Dixi group in 1959. Over time, the company expanded and obtained several certifications. In 2018 it was able to establish a long-term partnership with a French medical technology company thanks to EEN.

Dixi Cylindre

A company that is adapting to the times

In 2015, it created a micro-milling workshop in order to offer a complete range of services for the watchmaking, defence, industrial and medical sectors. Its production equipment comprises traditional machines that are regularly retrofitted and state-of-the-art machining centres.

Enterprise Europe Network EEN: international partnerships for innovative SMEs

"As our components are used in high-precision industries, we target new customers in the microtechnology centres of neighbouring countries," explained François Heili, Dixi Cylindre's sales manager. In search of new partnerships, he contacted the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), a European network to help SMEs innovate and internationally expand. In Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise provides business support to SMEs. EEN, through its Swiss and Franche-Comté units, helped François Heili participate in the matchmaking event organised on the fringes of the Medica exhibition in Düsseldorf. Objectives: to work with a recognised company, increase sales and develop new skills. Mission accomplished, since Dixi Cylindre found exactly what it was looking for in a French company that was seeking a technological partner for its ophthalmic surgical instruments. Dixi Cylinder met the companys requirements perfectly. After several meetings, the two SMEs signed a long-term partnership agreement that will allow Dixi Cylindre to develop new know-how and new products.

Thanks to EEN, we were able to establish a long-term partnership with a French medical technology company, as we met their requirements perfectly. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to develop new products.

François Heili intends to continue prospecting the rapidly expanding medical market and find other partners in Germany. He will continue to visit specialised trade fairs and benefit from EEN’s services. How does he intend to convince potential partners? By relying on Swiss made – a guarantee of quality, reliability and repeatability.


About Dixi Cylindre SA, Le Locle,

Sales Manager: François Heili
Target countries: France, Allemagne
Products: parts from 0,3 to 32 mm in diameter
Target markets: medical, watchmaking, industry, defence


About EEN

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) offers services to help SMEs innovate and grow internationally. The network consists of 600 organisations across Europe. In Switzerland, EEN consists of two entities: S-GE for business support and Innosuisse for the research, innovation and technology component.




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