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F&P Robotics: A born global based in Switzerland

Headquartered in Glattbrugg near Zurich, F&P Robotics AG specializes in secure robotics technology and artificial intelligence. Since the company manufactures its products in Switzerland, the innovative company can rely on the proven “swissmade” brand.

Man with robot
The collaborative and safe robotic arm P-Rob is used in industry to increase efficiency and quality in the areas of production, assembly, quality control and packaging.

F&P Robotics’ (F&P) products are used in industry and healthcare. F&P has achieved a pioneering position in the field of human robotics since its founding. The company is distinguished by its reliable and flexible automation solutions for SMEs, as well as highly innovative products in the healthcare sector, such as mobile service robots. Its presentations at international trade fairs, such as the World Robotics Conference in China, have made F&P known internationally.

F&P Robotics AG is a born global. It already began selling to European countries and China in its starting year of 2014. In recent years, F&P has established a partner network in Europe, a joint venture and a 100% subsidiary in China.

Since the company manufactures its products in Switzerland, the innovative company can rely on the proven “swissmade” brand – still a clear market advantage, according to CFO Michael Früh:

The swissmade brand continues to embody a good reputation for the quality and functionality of products. In addition, we in Switzerland are perceived as very reliable and friendly, which also facilitates business relations.

Access to highly qualified staff
The company also benefits from easy access to highly specialized employees. “The education system in Switzerland generates practice-oriented professionals on the one hand, but also highly qualified academics and scientists on the other, who we can combine very well for our products,” says Früh. The company employs highly qualified graduates from Swiss universities and supports them in their master's and doctoral theses. F&P Robotics is also working closely with Swiss research institutes on two current funded projects at the Swiss and European level.



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