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Nispera: Strong growth abroad thanks to targeted planning

Within only a few years, Nispera has developed into a global provider of data solutions for renewable energy facilities. The recipe for success: targeted cultivation of target markets.


Founded in 2015, Nispera provides data solutions for renewable energy plants. The Zurich-based start-up's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is already in use in more than 150 wind turbines, 250 photovoltaic plants and 20 hydropower plants in over 25 countries. The 15-strong international team generates more than 80% of its sales abroad. The aim is to open up further markets and increase sales abroad to 97 %. To this end, potential customers are identified by the Global Head of Sales and dealt with by the team. Before the corona pandemic, the start-up also took part in relevant events in the target markets. Nispera has been able to build an excellent reputation and become a leader in its niche market thanks to a solid base of satisfied customers.

Presence in 25 countries within 6 years

The startup's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is now in use at over 150 wind turbines, 250 photovoltaic plants and 20 hydroelectric plants in more than 25 countries. The fully decentralized platform enables monitoring of actual and forecast production, identification of underperforming areas, detection of deviations through AI-based analytics, and automation of reporting.

Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

However, the 15-strong, international and highly efficient team provides not only the software but also the necessary technical know-how to advise customers on how to improve the performance of their plants on the basis of the data obtained. This is possible thanks to the experience that the Nispera team has gained from working with a growing portfolio of customer installations, as well as the company's motto: high inquisitiveness and attention to customer needs. It is also possible thanks to the collaboration with various partners, such as the ZHAW, which supports Nispera in the development of advanced analytics with artificial intelligence.

Business model fosters good customer relationships

By actively supporting its customers in identifying potential improvements to their plants and implementing appropriate corrective actions, Nispera increases the perceived value of the service and strengthens the relationship with the customer. Another important USP is the ability to adapt very quickly and flexibly to specific and rapidly evolving customer requirements and market needs. For example, if fixed government subsidies expire in a market, it is essential to manage the risks of market exposure in order to monitor the financial performance of the assets.

Ambitious expansion plans

With its "Swiss-made" SaaS platform, Nispera has managed to generate more than 80% of its sales abroad within a few years. In the next few years, the company aims to expand into other markets such as the USA and Asia and to increase the turnover generated abroad to 97 %. S-GE supports the start-up by providing information on relevant topics and markets and assessing the opportunities in the different markets.

Nispera wins the Export Award 2021

On September 30, 2021, Nispera received the Export Award from S-GE. The jury was impressed by its rapid scalability in the competitive energy market. Ruth Metzler-Arnold, Chairman of the Board of Directors of S-GE, presented the award in a festive setting. "Nispera convincingly demonstrated to the jury the importance of rapid scalability in the competitive international energy market," said Ralph Siegl, explaining the decision. He is president of the honorary and independent jury of renowned personalities from the Swiss business, science and media world. "The company plans its international growth carefully and sets priorities deliberately in order to achieve high effectiveness in new market entries," says Siegl.

About the Export Award

Every year, Switzerland Global Enterprise presents the Export Award to a company that has successfully gained a foothold abroad. The candidates and winners of the past few years exemplify how successfully Swiss SMEs assert themselves on the international stage against numerous odds - through innovative strength, agility and cleverness. Hidden champions" with great internationalization potential are discovered time and again among the applicants.

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