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STORZ MEDICAL – riding the global wave of success

STORZ MEDICAL AG specializes in shock wave technology. The non-invasive method is used for a wide range of medical treatments. Around the globe, 60,000 Storz devices are in daily use in medical practices, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. They were developed and produced in Tägerwilen on Lake Constance, where some 160 employees work. 

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Waves instead of scalpels: It is 40 since the first patient was relieved of his annoying kidney stones thanks to shock wave therapy, which was regarded as revolutionary at the time. This represented a quantum leap for urology and at the same time triggered the success story of STORZ MEDICAL AG. The Swiss company based in Tägerwilen emerged in 1987 from the innovation incubator of the Swabian KARL STORZ Group. It is engaged exclusively in the development and sale of shock wave devices. It is the sole world market leader in this field.

Worldwide for the well-being of patients

60'000 STORZ MEDICAL shock wave devices are used every day for the benefit of countless patients. World-wide. In university clinics and hospitals. In rehabilitation centers, doctor's and therapist’s practices. Non-invasive shock wave treatment has long since been used not only to break up kidney, bladder or gallstones, which often cause severe colic.

Crush, massage, stimulate

The technology is proving itself in ever new areas of application: in orthopedics, for example, where handy devices with an additional massage function are used to treat aching tendons and joints, injured muscles or fascial adhesions. STORZ MEDICAL has also proved to be a pioneer in cardiology, using shock waves to treat angina pectoris. The same waves also help in the fields of dermatology and aesthetics, for example by accelerating wound healing or tackling irritating cellulite.  

Stimulating neural pathways to lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer's

“Our success is based on the fact that new fields can always be opened up for our technology,” says Manfred Schulz, Director Business Development at STORZ MEDICAL, alluding to another promising area of application: Neurology. “We are the only company that has demonstrated that our treatment method can lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in its moderate stage.” This is made possible “by stimulating blocked neural pathways in the brain.” 

Determine portfolio individually

The nomination for Switzerland Global Enterprise’s Export Award 2020 is due to the well thought-out export strategy of the long-standing member. “We adapt our portfolio to the most common symptoms in each region,” says Schulz. This would not be possible for STORZ MEDICAL alone, which is why the company cooperates “with leading medical universities and scientific institutes”.

Huge growth potential in cardiology and neurology

The largest customers for the shock wave devices are currently the EU, North America and Canada as well as Japan and China. A total of 160 distribution partners in 92 countries guarantee sales and services even in remote areas such as in Svalbard or on the Fiji Islands. According to Manfred Schulz, the Lake Constance area is forecast to grow significantly in the next few years - given the enormous potential, especially in the fields of cardiology and neurology.

Highlighting international presence, while strengthening Switzerland as a business location

“It is important for us to have a direct presence with branches where this growth is apparent.” This changes nothing for Switzerland as a business location, however, where over 160 of the 210 employees worldwide are engaged in the development, production and sale of shock wave devices. Furthermore, it ensures that STORZ MEDICAL AG remains the world market leader.


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