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MiAdelita GmbH: Trade fair participation with minimum effort – and maximum impact

Founded in 1995, MiAdelita GmbH in Au on Lake Zurich is Switzerland’s largest producer of fresh corn tortillas and chips. The company’s range also includes wheat tortillas, sauces and other Mexican products. When it comes to promoting their brand abroad, the managers of MiAdelita rely on trade fairs – and on the support of S-GE. Christoph Gsell, Managing Director of  MiAdelita GmbH, explains why.

Christoph Gsell, Geschäftsführer, MiAdelita

Our collaboration with S-GE is based on partnership and professionalism. Those in charge at the organization know us and are happy to respond to our requests. In the SWISS Pavilion, we always meet the same project managers and get to know the other participants. It’s almost like coming home.

Christoph Gsell, Managing Director, MiAdelita GmbH

Which markets are you active in?

Along with Switzerland, we are currently focusing on the UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Israel. To ensure further growth, we need to turn our attention to new markets. Once our planned new building in the canton of Glarus is complete, we will also get to work in the Nordic countries.

What does the trade fair presence mean for your company?

Taking part in trade fairs is very important to us. Because over two thirds of our products are produced in organic quality, we regularly attend the world’s leading trade fair for organic food – BIOFACH in Nuremberg. Since we are a small company, we decided to participate under the umbrella of the SWISS Pavilion of S-GE. We want to get to know the Scandinavian market better at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö, Sweden, in November 2023: In November 2023, a representative from S-GE will visit the fair and approach potential new customers on our behalf.

How do you prepare for a trade fair?

Before a trade fair, we need to get to know the local market, so we find out about local retailers – and, of course, about the prices of similar products.

What services does S-GE offer you?

By taking part in a trade fair under the umbrella of the SWISS Pavilion, we benefit, in a sense, from an “all-in-one” package: S-GE provides the infrastructure we want, sets it all up, and also organizes everything else – from coffee and lunch to contact with potential new customers. The project management team is extremely effective at what they do and always very helpful. When taking part in BIOFACH, all we really have to do is make sure we have a hotel room – and enough samples of our products.

How does a trade fair appearance as part of the SWISS Pavilion work?

Each year, eight to ten companies are presented; depending on the trade fair, these are often the same. We all see ourselves as a team. This is also reflected in the shared hospitality area, which is used not only for customer care, but also for informal contact with industry colleagues and competitors. The smallest stand measuring six square meters is perfect for our needs. However, SG-E offers exhibitors a flexible concept so that they can easily grow if needed.

What else does S-GE do for you?

In the UK, S-GE organized a virtual store check for us as part of a pilot project: this involved a project manager on location wearing camera glasses, which enabled us to visit various stores “live”. We also took part in S-GE’s Buyer’s Day in Zurich, where we gained a new customer in a renowned delicatessen retailer with five stores in Munich.

What is your tip for any Swiss SME wanting to take part in a trade fair for the first time?

Do it with S-GE! Seriously, attending a trade fair in the SWISS Pavilion allows you to achieve maximum benefit with minimum effort. And you can also try out a trade fair once in a while. For example, we didn’t know anything about the UK market. But thanks to our presence at the 2022 International Food & Drink Event in London, we were able to find a distributor for our products with the help of S-GE.

SWISS Pavilions - participate at international trade fairs in the national pavilion

Would you like to present your products and increase your sales at large international trade fairs? We support you. Each year, S-GE organizes, coordinates, and executes approximately 25 events abroad involving the joint participation of Swiss companies under the “Switzerland” umbrella brand. All companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are eligible to participate.


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