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Lombardi – Swiss Engineering to Combat Climate Change

The Lombardi Group, based in Giubiasco/TI, provides engineering services for demanding transport, underground and water-related infrastructures, focusing on renewable energy. Leveraging the expertise it has acquired by building Alpine hydropower plants and long transalpine railway tunnels in Switzerland, it exports this around the globe.

Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Snowy 2.0
Snowy 2.0 pumped storage power

The Lombardi Group, headquartered in Giubiasco (Canton of Ticino), provides engineering services for demanding transport, underground and water-related infrastructures and leverages its expertise and technical know-how to deliver innovative, sustainable, and high-quality services. Driven by its independence and robust internal collaboration, the SME is able to compete with the largest global engineering companies, positioning itself among the top five worldwide in hydropower planning. Thanks to its tangible achievements and global expansion efforts, Lombardi has experienced robust organic growth in recent years, with 65 percent of its sales stemming from international markets.

Internationalization to secure expertise
From the outset, its export activity was driven by a desire to maintain and expand the know-how it had acquired in Switzerland. The company effectively utilizes the expertise acquired in the past, particularly from the construction of Alpine hydropower plants and long transalpine railway tunnels, deploying this knowledge worldwide.

Embedded in the local environment, engineering services from Switzerland
Fueled by its employee ownership system, as the company enters new markets with secured projects, the Swiss team deployed to the local country is deeply committed to transferring expertise and values to the local project team. This dedication extends to fostering relationships with partners and clients, building networks, and securing new projects. The successful international expansion is greatly attributed to our multicultural teams that enables a deep understanding of local cultures and needs. However, the coordination of the various offices worldwide, along with the management of major international projects, remains under the responsibility of the team located in Switzerland.

Execution of prestigious climate protection projects
“Our work has a strong focus on infrastructures in the field of renewable energies,” says CEO Matthias Neidhart. “This is illustrated by the hydro power plants that have been built in our primary target markets of Australia and Latin America.” Climate change is the driving force behind such projects. For example, Australia wants to use large pumped-storage power plants to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, while South America is responding to changing weather phenomena with new water supply and flood systems. The endeavor to expand into new geographical areas has consistently received significant support from Swiss embassies and the expertise provided by Switzerland Global Enterprise.


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