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Brain Technology for the USA

With the support of the Swiss Business Hub in New York, the Zurich start-up Starmind quickly found investors, concluded customer contracts and opened up a new branch office.

Brain Technology for the USA

Starmind – software which functions like a human brain

In actual fact, the brain researcher Pascal Kaufmann and the Computer Science and Business Administration specialist Marc Vontobel originally created the artificial brain for their own purposes in 2010: in order to find answers to their complex questions about topics such as, for example, artificial intelligence. “We developed a decentralized network of more than 10,000 talents and an algorithm which forwards questions to the respective experts in the most efficient manner,” says Kaufmann, describing the process. Later, the idea of marketing the technology not on the Internet, but within companies matured. “Companies with at least 5,000 employees are of interest, because there is always one person who can immediately answer a particular question.” The self-learning brain connects all of the employees and provides them with direct access to the constantly expanding knowledge of the entire company.

Three years after the acquisition of the first corporate customer, companies in over 40 countries – including UBS and Swisscom – are using the artificial brain. In addition to Europe, the USA is the main market.

Swiss Business Hub New York – opening the door to the USA

Starmind now employs over 50 highly skilled professionals who programme, serve customers and sell the product – including now in the USA. Kaufmann had the first talks at a seminar organized by S-GE, after which things happened very quickly. The consultants from the Swiss Business Hub in New York provided him with contacts at reputable companies, organized meetings with decision makers and provided a selection of qualified lawyers. Starmind’s software won people over: the first contracts were placed, investors showed an interest – the basis was established for setting up the new branch office. Pascal Kaufmann is convinced: “Without the mediation of the SBH, we could never have gained access to these large companies in such a short time.” He is also relying on the support of S-GE in its efforts to enter the market in the United Kingdom. “I have become a real fan, because I am being advised by experienced and dedicated experts with excellent contacts.”

I have become a real fan of S-GE, because
I am being advised by experienced and
dedicated experts with excellent contacts.

Pascal Kaufmann, CEO Starmind International AG



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