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GC International AG

Switzerland’s edge: excellent reputation in pharmaceutics and dental medicine, as well as a high quality of living

GC International AG

GC Corporation is a Japanese company specialized in research & development, manufacturing and sales of dental materials and devices. In addition to three factories located in Japan, GC Corporation runs manufacturing bases also in Belgium, the United States, China and India, as well as sales bases in 34 countries around the world. When looking into expanding within Europe, GC Corporation first selected five countries as candidates, including Switzerland. After a careful on-site investigation, Switzerland came out with the highest evaluation score. Besides the high quality of dental medicine in Switzerland, its well developed infrastructure, excellent educational environment for children and safety secured for daily life were contributing factors for the decision. The company strongly believes that unless its associates and their family residing in Switzerland could build a comfortable life, it is not possible for them to invest their energy into daily work.

Switzerland is serious and international

When selecting a location in Switzerland, GC Corporation received adequate support from the Embassy of Switzerland and the Swiss Business Hub in Japan. Also Luzern Business Development was right and well-focused, by providing clear answers to the company’s questions. Moreover, GC Corporation expects that the Swiss’ sincerity in business to fulfill their commitments as well as the internationalism of Swiss people, with the same perspective as Japan to bring success by securing a link with other countries, will generate a positive impact on its future business development. Last but not least the Lucerne Festival, one of the world’s leading music festival, had its share when taking the decision for Switzerland as a new business location. GC Corporation seized this occasion to develop their business future vision together its business partner and friends.

The quality of dental medicine in Switzerland is ranked in top-class in the world. We consider putting a Swiss address on our leaflet will surely present a favorable image.

Makoto Nakao
President and CEO, GC International AG



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