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HighPoint Solutions

HighPoint Solutions is a leading ICT company from the US. In 2013, the company decided to open its European Headquarters in Geneva. Highly specialized talent as well as the proximity of solutions and software partners were a decisive factor.

HighPoint Solutions
Arnab Sikder about Switzerland:"There is an overall academic and entrepreneurial atmosphere here."

HighPoint Solutions, headquartered in Philadelphia, is a premier provider of specialized management consulting and information technology services with focused solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. In September 2013, the US company opened its European Headquarters in Geneva, where they felt there was a strong market potential. Arnab Sikder, Executive Vice President and General Manager of European Operations, is very pleased with this decision: «Switzerland is an excellent conduit for us to serve pharmaceutical companies in other countries such as France and Germany.»

When referring to the upsides of Switzerland as a business location, the General Manager clearly emphasizes the level of talent. HighPoint was able to find «both experienced resources with deep domain knowledge in the life sciences industry as well as young talented graduates from the Swiss universities.» Not only the availability of talent and resources but also the proximity of solution and software partners was a decisive factor. «The general experience has been and is still excellent. There is an overall academic and entrepreneurial atmosphere here with people wanting to discuss new ideas and create practical solutions.»

Successful settlements with a positive outlook

The Investment Promotion Agency Greater Geneva Bern Area (GGBa) has contacted the ICT company in Philadelphia and introduced them to the Economic Development Office of the canton of Geneva. Next to excellent advice on topics such as work permits, employment, recruiting and hiring, the latter presented them to potential partners for collaboration. According to Sikder, the support of Geneva’s authorities has been «critical to our start-up and ongoing success.»

After the setup of their European Headquarters in Geneva, HighPoint openened a small office approximately eighteen month later in Zug «in order to give their employees working with clients in that region a base and infrastructure». The General Manager plans on expanding their presence in Switzerland but also in other parts of Europe.

In Switzerland, we were able to access a highly skilled workforce which enabled us to significantly grow our human capital.

Arnab Sikder
Executive Vice President and General Manager, European Operations, HighPoint Solutions



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