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A safe place for sensitive data

After participating on a Trade Mission with S-GE to the Silicon Valley, Safe Host successfully initiated new contacts to US companies. Meanwhile, the Data-Hosting company is investing in a new Data-Center in Gland to enlarge their capacities. 

A server room

Switzerland is a favorable environment for data hosting

A short ride from Geneva, in the industrial quarter of Plan-les-Ouates, the Swiss company Safe Host provides data hosting services on more than 10.000 m2 (approx. 108.000 sqft). After participating in a Trade Mission with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) to the Silicon Valley, Safe Host successfully initiated new contacts to US companies. “Our services are of special interest for those companies that want to expand to Europe and are looking for a secure and stable place to store their data. Most US companies preferred the UK because of the language and the similar culture. However, we as a Swiss company have the better arguments: a clean and autonomous energy supply, political stability and a favorable regulatory basis”, explains Tandon.

The arguments for Switzerland as an investment location are convincing. Due to increased interest of foreign investors, Safe Host is planning to expand their capacity by 14.000 m2 (approx. 150.000 sqft) by the beginning of 2016. Their number of staff will double from 30 to 60.

FinTech is the new thing

But not every room of the new building will be filled with clients’ servers immediately. By leaving some storing room available, Safe Host can guarantee a certain flexibility. “At the moment there is a lot of movement in the FinTech sector. It is still dominated by start-up companies and we are closely watching the market, since many of our clients are coming from the banking sector”, adds Tandon. The Head of Sales and Co-Founder of Safe Host also participated in a S-GE FinTech Mission to the UK, looking for opportunities in the FinTech sector. “I was surprised by the fact that most companies we met had never thought of Switzerland as a place to store their data. However, I am positive that we would convince them, too.”

US companies that plan to expand to Europe are looking for
safe and stable places to host their data. This is exactly
what we can offer them.

Faiz Tandon, Head of Sales & Co-Founder, Safe Host



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