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Stacker-rack parking

Stacker-rack parking. Skyline Parking develops and builds convenient, fully automated parking systems, particularly for large complexes, which offer advantages thanks to their combination of reliability, speed, efficient use of space and energy and minimal maintenance costs.

Skyline-parking is a great solution for limited space such as airports and hotels.

Skyline Parking saves space, reduces the environmental impact and offers maximal convenience

You drive into a box, leave your car, take a ticket and off you go. No cruising around the car park, no tight curves into narrow parking spaces, no uncomfortable squeezing your way out between the door and a post. No unpleasant traffic fumes and no parking damages. Once the gate to the box is closed, the vehicle is automatically transported on conveyor belts, first to a stacker crane and then to the designated parking space. And the process is equally efficient in reverse: You insert the ticket, and in fewer than 60 seconds the car is waiting for you in the exit box.

Automated parking systems (APS) of 100 parking spaces or more are where Skyline Parking AG is making its name. "In comparison to conventional multi-story car parks, our system offers twice as much space and saves costs both in construction and in the operational phase," says Richard Denzler. According to the CEO, convenience and efficient use of space are not the only advantages of the system: "With the automated parking, the CO2 emissions and energy consumption can be considerably reduced – because the vehicle transportation can be carried out quickly and using green energy."

Reliable partners also found in France, thanks to S-GE

Where there is a limited amount of space, for example at airports, car dealerships and hotels, or in residential and industrial building projects, Skyline Parking aims to find suitable applications for its automated parking systems. There were previously (still) no sales or implementation partners in France to successfully represent the interests of the Swiss parking pioneers, so in May 2016 Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) and the Swiss Business Hub France (SBH) in Paris got involved. This led to the success the company had been hoping for, as Denzler describes: "The SBH manager understood precisely what it was all about, and the cooperation was really outstanding." Since January 2017 Skyline Parking has been working with two new partners, discussions are underway with a third, and the first projects are currently being dealt with. When does the first order arrive? Denzler: "Experience tells us that a great deal of time elapses between the initial project phase and the implementation. We expect to get an initial order from France in 2018."

The SBH manager understood precisely what it was all about, and the cooperation was really outstanding.

- Richard Denzler, CEO Skyline Parking AG



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