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Ticino IT for the Middle East

Tinext SA in Morbio Inferiore (TI) offers system integration, service and cloud services and has entered the Middle Eastern market.

Ticino IT for the Middle East

Tinext SA holding its own on the competitive international IT market
“Supplier of the year, with 9.8 out of a possible 10 points”: This accolade was bestowed on Tinext SA from Morbio Inferiore by the Al Arabiya news channel, its first customer in the Middle East. This marked the culmination of a successful project which Stefano Zoia, CEO of the Ticino company, summarizes as follows: “Our task was to completely redesign Al Arabiya’s website to meet the objective of transferring the news from the newsroom in a way which is compatible with news sites in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and English.” 

It was one of the largest orders to date for the company which specializes in system integration, cloud services and digital marketing. The company’s strength is that it has three simultaneous core competencies. Zoia summarizes: “We offer comprehensive solutions for demanding online business challenges, including consultancy and systems design as well as development and integration up to maintenance and support.”

S-GE helps in the search for a local partner in Dubai

Tinext had previously conducted its business from its headquarters in Morbio Inferiore and its branch office in Milan. This strategy had been very successful, since after trading for just a few years the company is able to number leading companies among its satisfied customers. The contract for Al Arabiya was the company’s first contract from the Gulf States - and will also open doors for further business. As Zoia comments: “After conducting thorough market research, we decided to extend our business to the Gulf States.” Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supported Tinext SA in its search for a local partner, and after three months of negotiations, a joint venture was signed. This was followed by the opening of a branch office in Dubai because, as Zoia points out, it was quickly established “that our personal presence on the ground was required.” The basis for successful business has therefore been established. And demand is high, according to Stefano Zoia: “We are confident that we will soon break through in this new market.”

After conducting thorough market
research, we decided to extend our
business to the Gulf States.

Stefano Zoia, CEO Tinext SA




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