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Welle Laser Technology

The ubiquitous concept of efficiency and competitiveness in Switzerland

Welle Laser Technology

Welle Laser Technology was founded in 2008 and is an innovative Brazilian company active in machinery and precision industry with a focus on developing solutions based on laser technology. Over the last years, the company has experienced a stable growth in both national and international markets. Its success led to an expansion need into Europe. After much due diligence and visiting several cantons, plants as well as potential partners and research institutes, Rafael Bottós, CEO of Welle Laser Technology, decided to open their European headquarters in Biel/Bienne in the canton of Berne. The project was finalized in June 2015 and the new settlement GRBS Technologies was named after the two founding brothers Gabriel and Rafael Bottós.

One crucial reason for choosing the bilingual city Biel/Bienne was certainly the Swiss international quality standard in the precision industry. Additionally, the CEO seeks the manufacturing of high quality laser machines «to become even more competitive and efficient. Switzerland proves to be the ideal location because this concept is all around us». The central position of Switzerland within Europe and its proximity to the main industrial hubs also played a role in the decision to settle in Biel/Bienne.

A combination of Brazilian creativity and Swiss standards

Rafael Bottós and his brother Gabriel reached out to the Swiss Business Hub (SBH) in São Paulo, the representative of the Swiss trade and investment promotion agency Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), which gave the executives a holistic insight into the economic landscape and different industrial ecosystems in Switzerland. The set-up process guided by the different local teams and the economic promotion of the canton of Berne was very smooth and efficient, according to Rafael Bottós. «We understood quickly the requirements and where supported greatly throughout the different phases.»

The Brazilian CEO sees a bright future for his innovative laser technology company: «We want to continuously invest in expanding our plant in order to start R&D and production next to distribution and headquarters functions. Thanks to the mixture of our Brazilian passion and creativity with the traditional Swiss precision, high quality and efficiency we are very positive about our further steps in Switzerland.»

To produce our machines, we combine Brazilian passion and creativity with traditional Swiss precision, high quality and efficiency.

Rafael Bottós
CEO, Welle Laser Technology



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