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Regloplas: Swiss expertise in the process industry

Temperature control solutions of Regloplas are exported into 52 coutries. 

A family enterprise from St. Gallen that occupies a unique niche in the plastics and die-casting industry: Environmentally friendly and customer-specific temperature control solutions are Regloplas AG’s area of expertise. The company’s success is based on the high quality of its products, the expertise of its personnel and its close customer relationships. They maintain this strong customer relationship with their own service organizations in more than 50 countries, as well as subsidiaries in Germany, France, the US and China.

Siegerfoto Regloplas AG Export Award 2017

Custom temperature-control solutions made in St. Gallen

Whether you’re a car manufacturer, tech group, chocolate producer or chemical company, to be a successful producer in the plastic or die casting industry, you are dependent on having the correct process temperature. Guaranteeing it is the core skill of Regloplas AG. “We specialize in the development, production and global distribution of temperature-control technology,” says CEO Christian Eckert. “In this sector, we are the only provider of customer-specific applications, from product development to installation.” Regloplas occupies the entire niche market worldwide. 70 percent of sales is generated from custom solutions, the rest from standard products. The recipe for success: “We want to be close to our customers, with subsidiaries on hand in Germany, France, the US and China.” Regloplas maintains its own service organizations in more than 50 countries with competent personnel trained in house.

Local roots and a global network

Exports generate 92 percent of their revenue. All research and development is carried out in St. Gallen: “We invest about eight percent of sales in development to ensure that we remain a leader in the future as well by having a technological advantage. While Regloplas relies on Swiss quality and partnerships with local universities for development and production, it is also active on a global scale. Eckert: “We travel a lot, because personal relationships foster customer loyalty. They also serve to evaluate market potential and develop export networks.” Regloplas wants to grow by five percent annually. This is why it is important to recognize global trends and observe and react to market developments. For this reason, Regloplas is a member of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Euromap and Swissmem. This successful niche player remains wide awake and has an optimistic view of the future. Eckert: “We simply have to be more intelligent that the competition.”


«We occupy the entire niche market as the world’s only provider of customer-specific applications.
- Christian Eckert, CEO Regloplas AG



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