Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade


The Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade can also boast top-class speakers for the keynote speeches, breakout sessions and executive talks in 2018.

Frau Vetsch im Gespräch mit Herrn Darrell, CEO, Logitech


Host of the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade
Daniel Küng has been CEO of Switzerland Global Enterprise, and thus the first point of contact for all internationalization issues raised by Swiss and Liechtenstein companies, since 2004.

Daniel Küng
CEO, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Interview partner and host of the general meeting 
Ruth Metzler-Arnold has served as President of the Advisory Board of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) since 2011. The former Federal Councilor is a partner of the consulting firm KLAUS-METZLER-ECKMANN-SPILMANN, as well as president and member of several administrative and foundation boards, such as AXA Winterthur Insurance, Bühler Technology Group, Fehr Advice AG, the University of St. Gallen and Avenir Suisse. Previously, she was Head of Investor Relations at Novartis AG and a member of the Executive Committee of Novartis Group France, working for PwC and UBS.

Ruth Metzler-Arnold
President of the Advisory Board, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Originally from Thurgau, Mona Vetsch has won her audiences' hearts with her wit, wisdom and charm. She is now one of the most prominent voices of Swiss radio and lends a unique character to the radio talk show “Focus.”

Mona Vetsch
Moderator, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

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