Bilateral chambers of commerce

In a multitude of markets, Switzerland Global Enterprise can also count on cooperation with bilateral chambers of commerce.

The global network of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) – the 22 Swiss Business Hubs and the 5 Trade Points – also includes bilateral chambers of commerce around the world. Switzerland Global Enterprise engages in close business ties to a multitude of bilateral chambers of commerce, to offer Swiss SMEs a close-knit network of contacts in their search for experts and business partners in the countries in which there are no Swiss Business Hubs or Trade Points.

The bilateral chambers of commerce are especially committed to the export promotion service agreement–selectively also for the location promotions –and are important partners for the setup of expert networks andfor obtainingknowledge about thelocal market in question. They are also indispensable resourcesfor maintaining contact with Swiss companies which have succeeded in taking the plunge into exporting. S-GE customers benefit from this partnership as part of their internationalization plans and have access to a top-quality network of experts.

Bilateral chambers of commerce abroad:

Argentina: Cámara de Comercio Suizo Argentina
Austria: Handelskammer Schweiz-Österreich-Liechtenstein
Brazil: Swisscam Brazil
Bulgaria: Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Canada: Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce Ontario
Chile: Cámara Chileno-Suiza de Commercio
Colombia: Cámara de Comercio Colombo-Suiza
Czech Republic: HST Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Czech Republic
Estonia: Swiss-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (SBCC)
Hungary: Swisscham Hungary
Latvia: Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
Lithuania: Swiss Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania
Pakistan: Swiss Business Council in Karachi
Paraguay: Cámara de Comercio Paraguayo-Suiza
Peru: Cámara de Comercio Suiza en el Perú
Portugal: Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Suíça em Portugal (CCISP)
Romania: Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Romania
Serbia: Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce
Slovakia: Handelskammer Schweiz - Slowakische Republik
South Africa: Swisscham Southern Africa (SCSA)
Venezuela: Camara Venezolano Suiza de Comercio e Industria

Bilateral chambers of commerce in Switzerland:

Asia: Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC)
China: Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC)
India: Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC)
Japan: Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC)
Latin America: Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland (LatCam)
Russia & CIS: Joint Chamber of Commerce (JCC)
Russia: Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
Sweden: Swiss-Swedish Chamber of Commerce SSCC


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