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Breakout Sessions

Also at the AWF 2017, the partners of Switzerland Global Enterprise will explore in depth the conference theme “Rethinking business models - the international competitive advantage of tomorrow” with their valuable know-how and extensive experience.

Breakout Sessions
Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1: Credit Suisse AG
International competitive advantage of the future - how can businesses adapt to new market conditions?

  • Martin Stadler, CEO, Stadler Form AG

Breakout Session 2: Credit Suisse AG
Customer management in the digital age

  • Tom Buser, Dgitalization expert and partner, YukonDaylight AG

Breakout Session 3: AXA Winterthur
New markets, new challenges - agility, innovation and business model adaption as a solution approach

  • Thomas Patzko, Partnerships and Business Development, Impact Hub Zurich
  • Ivo Streiff, Head Innovation Management, AXA Winterthur

Breakout Session 4: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Effective digitalization makes for winners

  • Olivier Kofler, Co-Leader Digital Experience Center, PwC Schweiz
  • Norbert Kühnis, Partner and Head of Family Businesses and SMEs, PwC Schweiz
  • Roland Kriesi, Owner, Alpha Sprachwelt AG

Breakout Session 5: Asendia Switzerland
New developments, opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce

  • Lorenz Würgler, Manager E-Commerce & Online Marketing, CALIDA
  • Claudia Patocchi, Head of E-Commerce Solutions, Asendia Switzerland

Breakout Session 6: Microsoft Schweiz GmbH
Customers and markets are the main focus - period

  • Yvonne Bettkober, Director SMSP, Microsoft Schweiz GmbH

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