Invest in Switzerland

Business Environment

The economic framework in Switzerland is outstanding.

Business environment

Well-educated workers, a stable, efficient government, a flexible labor market, and moderate taxes form the basis for the country’s prosperity. In addition, Switzerland has one of the world’s most effective and transparent administrations. This framework makes Switzerland an attractive location for international companies to settle. 

In terms of population, Switzerland’s gross domestic product (GDP) is the world’s fourth highest. In the industrial sector, the engineering, electrical, and metal industry is of key importance. Globally successful groups, like Novartis, Roche, and Syngenta, and smaller companies form a unique life-sciences cluster in northwestern Switzerland. Renowned research institutions and excellently trained and technically skilled workers make Switzerland a favorite location for companies from the information and communication technology sector.  

In order to ensure company success, it is essential to optimize the value chain. Based on the value drivers in your business model, our factsheets show you the most important arguments in favor of Switzerland as a company location.


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