Cantonal chambers of commerce and industry

The proximity of exporting SMEs in all Swiss cantons and regions is a success criterion for extensive export promotion.

Cantonal chambers of industry and commerce

In terms of regionalization, the cantonal chambers of commerce and industry are strategic partners of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Within the framework of the contractual collaboration with the chambers of commerce and industry, S-GE has a guarantee that its internationalization services are in line with the services offered by the chambers, and that they are recognized and available in all Swiss regions. In line with the agreed division of labor, the SME inquiries received by S-GE and the chambers are forwarded to the relevant departments via the network, thereby combining valuable expertise and making it available to exporting SMEs.

S-GE has enjoyed a regional presence within the Basel Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2016.

Authentication services and ATA Carnets through the chambers of commerce

On a global level, chambers of commerce act as a neutral, trusted intermediary between customs authorities and private companies.

Certificate of origin
Chambers of commerce are authorized to certify the origin of products exported to the non-preferential area. This is applied universally, especially where Switzerland has not signed a bilateral or multilateral economic agreement involving:

  • customs preferences,
  • the simplification of export processes, and
  • close cooperation between customs authorities

Conversely, the preferential area constitutes the framework for companies that export their goods to countries that have concluded preferential economic agreements with our country. 
The experts at the chambers of commerce will help you prepare and complete the necessary documentation. Depending on your requirements and experience, you can take various basic or advanced training courses in export and international trade.

The ATA Carnet
The ATA Carnet (Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission) is an international customs document that can be used instead of the usual required national customs documents for the temporary importing or exporting of goods, as well as for the transit of goods.

This “goods passport” permits temporary export, especially in the case of commercial samples, goods for trade fairs, professional equipment, cars or horses.
For more information on services related to export, please visit the website of your canton’s chamber of commerce:



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